Who are the future home buyers & sellers

An intelligent alternative to Zillow Leads customized for your market.

Em•i•grate: verb
: to leave one's place of residence to live elsewhere
Em•i•grait: noun
: a company predicting the movement of people through real estate
2 pie charts. A large pie chart depicting your total population with 1% highlighted. The small pie chart with 70% highlighted depicting future customers. The image shows that most customers are found in a small sliver of your total poulation.

Create Custom Lead Gen Markets

Capture ~70% of future customers within 1% of your population
The same 'total population' pie chart on previous card. The small pie chart is now replaced with a target. The image is communicating to only target the high probability future customers for efficient marketing spend.

Enhanced Lead Scoring

Know whom to target and whom to ignore

ROI Example

Population (18+): 901,700
Consumers Reached: 90,000
Conversion Value: $1,700
Annual Conversions without Emigrait: 181
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How it works

Emigrait procures 600+ legal, compliant data points. Then extensively scrubs the data each month.

No credit-related data
All data purchased from marketing data vendors.
No data privacy infringements
Private consumer database.
No simple demographic targeting.
Ethical consumer differentiation.

The model trains and learns “what an actor looks like” based on variables. Then weighs millions of variable combos.

Variable examples
Variables examples: behavior, household characteristics, life events, changes in family, length of residence, property, interest rates, home value trends, and more.

Emigrait generates detailed fingerprints of behavior and lifestyle for each consumer.

Then predicts behavior (score) with precision, accuracy, and confidence.

We partnered with Emigrait to connect with aging adults in our surrounding communities and offer a vibrant senior living lifestyle of confidence security for their future.

Jay Morales
Digital Marketing Manager at Western Home Communities

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