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Emigrait's Data Science Team

Building predictive models for real estate

The team behind Emigrait's industry-leading predictive models.

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Build the highest-performing predictive models in market around consumer real-estate transactions.


Enhanced Consumer Experience

As marketing becomes more targeted, we reduce "junk" and become specific to consumer interests and needs. We pinpoint who is buying and selling, what their individual needs are, and how our clients can help them achieve.

Promote Relationship-building

Our clients spend more time building and strengthening relationships than in lead-generation or marketing efforts. We leverage technology to restore a human-to-human element in real estate transactions, rather than degrade it.

Improve Market Efficiency

Spend less to achieve the same growth. We reduce the friction around forming productive relationships and stimulate the economy.

Core Behavior

Team member checklist


You take pride in your work and are committed to executing your role to the highest standards.


You complete work thoroughly, completely, and on schedule.


You think outside of the box and search to discover new and better solutions.


You are humble in approach and celebrate in your teammates success.


You are a strong contributor and bring a tremendous value to the team and customers.


You see the greater impact by "How You Work" and "The Work You Do."

Team Integrity

How we build our team

Candor in Communication

Differences of opinion must be shared openly. We work through disagreements to find synergy through diversity and reach strategies and conclusions which none of us could achieve on our own.

Freedom to Make Mistakes

We cannot learn or grow without making mistakes. We achieve impressive goals if we are free to experiment and own our mistakes openly so that we may learn together as a group.

Aligned Incentives

Team members must have a compensation structure which is tied to the success of their projects and/or the success of the company as a whole. Everyone is incentivized to be a high-value contributor.

Elimination of Ego

Individual members put the team first. We build each other up and consistently acknowledge the power of a healthy team effort.

Product Integrity

How we build our products

Accountability & Peer Review

We benefit from each other by sharing perspectives and carefully reviewing work to ensure the best possible quality control.

Employment of the Scientific Method

We share falsifiable hypotheses about the performance and quality of our products and work out tests which we can use to further advance our knowledge, understanding, and technology.

Transparency of Performance

We produce clear metrics and charts that openly communicate the strengths and shortcomings of our models with our clients. We positively incentivize our own performance through transparency with our clients.

Continuous Improvement

We commit to continually incorporate new technology, investigate new data sources, and improve our products on a regular basis. At a minimum, we release an upgrade every six months.

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